Category: Dog Bites

Choosing the Best Dog Bite Attorney: Important Factors

Choosing the appropriate lawyer is essential if you want to get the compensation you are due in a personal injury lawsuit involving a dog attack. An experienced dog bite lawyer in St Louis will be able to guide you through the difficult legal procedure, gather proof, bargain with insurance providers, and eventually assist you get…

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How Does Training a Dog Work

Training a dog can be both an incredibly rewarding and intimidating experience. After all, you're teaching your furry companion behaviors to help them become better-adjusted family members. Not only that, but proper training can also mean fewer trips to the vet due to bad habits such as inappropriate chewing or marking territory. As daunting as…

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How To Use Toys As Rewards In Dog Training

Dogs are intelligent and loyal animals, but their behavior can sometimes be challenging. Training a dog is no easy task, but the rewards of having an obedient dog are well worth the effort. One way to get the maximum effect from training is by using toys as rewards for your pup’s good behavior. This article…

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